The Ultimate Ecommerce Conversion Tools List

We’ve compiled a list of the tools used by top-performing online retailers to improve conversion rates.
And 7 of them are free!

We’ll be updating this list frequently, so we recommend bookmarking this page for future reference.


Testing is crucial to optimizing your ecommerce website performance. Use these tools to create multiple versions of landing pages, test different calls-to-action & even test out personalized content.


Optimizely (Free!)

Optimizely allows A/B, multivariate, and multi-page testing to allow your team to analyze which test receives better engagement, implement the best choice and start converting more visitors to customers. The good news, they have a starter plan, that’s FREE!



VWO is another A/B testing solution that allows you to create various types of tests, conduct research and gather user feedback, giving you the data needed to implement targeting and personlization.



Unbounce allows you to quickly build and publish mobile responsive landing pages so you can test out different designs, color schemes, and calls-to-action. An ideal solution if you have a tight deadline and don’t want to tie up your internal design resources.


Implementing a conversion analytics tool allows you to use your data to make informed decisions, increasing overall conversions & sales. Also, you’ll have information to begin delivering personalized experiences to your customers.



Kissmetrics offers different solutions for ecommerce companies to analyze how customers are engaging with their brand. With this data, you can understand what areas you need to improve and ultimately convert more users to sales. Kissmetrics integrates with other solutions like Shopify, WooCommerce, Mailchimp, Optimizely and more.



Mixpanel allows you to dive deep into analytics and see how users are engaging with your site or mobile/web application. Their solution offers funnel analytics, retention analysis, customer engagement statistics and even allows you to build mobile A/B testing. Mixpanel is used by companies like Spotify, Venmo, Airbnb, and Salesforce.


Google Analytics (Free!)

Google Analytics is a tool that any company, of any size, can have access to. Don’t underestimate the power of Google Analytics just because it’s free! The level of detail in your analytics depends on how much you are willing to learn the platform and integrate it correctly with your website. With Google Analytics you can analyze metrics like abandoned cart rate and trace customers’ conversion funnel path. You can also set up and customize multiple goals and monitor their completion rate.


These tools allow you to engage with your customers through channels outside of your website. Engagement builds trust, creates opportunities for sales & fosters customer retention.


StoreYa (Free! with paid apps)

StoreYa allows companies to create new revenue channels by engaging with customers in new ways. Creating popup discounts or coupons, integrating a Facebook shop, and catching customers before they abandon their cart with exit technology, are just a few features of this engagement solution. Setting up an account is free, but most apps are paid.


YotPo Lite (Free!)

Yotpo allows brands to power-up product performance by integrating customer reviews on-site and across all channels. They also offer community Q&A, review commenting, and coupon functionalities. By building trust with your customer through reviews, Yotpo aims to help brands increase conversions and improve retention.


Receiptful (Free!)

Receiptful allows brands to supercharge their receipts. Their email receipts have 70%+ open rates & 10%+ conversion rates, which makes them a huge marketing opportunity. You can create additional sales from an order confirmation, an abandoned cart email, and more.


These tools can help you quickly grow your email list, which is the crucial player in all ecommerce marketing, engagement, and revenue growth strategy. Nothing is a more direct channel to your customer than their Inbox.


SummoMe (Free!)

SumoMe allows you to quickly build your email subscriber list with several tools. They offer options like popups on exit, popup welcome mats, and a smart bar – all which urge visitors to give you their email address when they see one of these options. Additionally, SumoMe has a heat map tool and integrates with Google Analytics so you can understand your user behavior on-site.


Bounce Exchange

Bounce Exchange offers brands access to tools like popups and hyper-targeted customer segmentation. By using their patented conversion technology, Bounce Exchange offers businesses the ability to detect customer behavior and market specifically to that customer in real-time.


Hello Bar (Free!)

Hello Bar is a tool from Neil Patel that places an unoffensive, yet noticeable bar on the top of your site. The goal of the bar is to be an ever-present opportunity for customers to enter their email address. After signing up for the service, you can customize the bar to fit your needs.


Having your customers’ email addresses is a gold mine, but only if you’re engaging with them. These lead nurturing tools allow you to automate engagement with them. As a result you’ll create opportunities for upsells, interaction & increased customer retention.



Infusionsoft is a powerful lead nurturing solution. It allows companies to segment their audience and deliver targeted marketing toward those segments. It also serves as a CRM so you can keep your leads organized in their various lead stages.


MailChimp (Free!)

Mailchimp is an email marketing solution, but is powerful enough that you can use it as a lead nurturing solution. After you set up your initial list, you can create an automation workflow which allows you to nurture customers engaging with your emails. This is a great solution for companies that don’t have a large budget to invest in an enterprise automation solution.



Hubspot allows companies to create a detailed strategy around each lead by allowing you to view chronological interactions each lead has had with your brand. With tools like progressive profiling and lead scoring, you can learn more about your leads and score them accordingly. Hubspot also offers integrations with other marketing services like GoToWebinar and Wistia to allow you to market to your leads more precisely.

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