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Add 30% More to Your Monthly Revenue with Effective Email Lifecycle Marketing
“I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical and nervous before starting, wondering if this would actually work. BUT, I was extremely surprised and happy with the results of working with Blue Stout. The increases in revenue from our email marketing alone returned an over 20x return on our investment with Blue Stout, in only 3 months."

- Etienne Es, Purelei
"Working with Blue Stout was fantastic. We saw an over 250% increase in our conversion rate, in just 2 months!" 

- James Walston, Go Nutrients
"The Blue Stout team was an essential part of RED NOSE DAY 2016 and the over $31 MILLION raised. I would highly recommend working with them." 

- Heather Pariseau, Red Nose Day
"It has only been a few months but I have already come back to Blue Stout for additional work and recommended two friends to Blue Stout. No greater compliment than sending friends to Blue Stout for help on their sites. I think that says a lot."  

- Kory Stevens, TAFT
“Since starting to work with Blue Stout, our sales have gone up 700%. I want to thank the Blue Stout team for helping me resuscitate and grow my business to a place where I enjoy running it again!”

- Dafina Smith, Sunnys Hair
“When you are a new store owner, you don't realize how much you need to know and it can be overwhelming. Allen helps you focus on what's important and strategize with achievable goals you can see and measure.”

- Joann Stecca,
Allen Burt and his team of experts will turn your store into a highly optimized purchase funnel with full-service strategy, design and execution of your ecommerce email marketing.
Lifecycle Email Strategy

Send emails to customers at the critical points of their engagement with your brand to help them take that next important step forward towards a purchase.
Welcome and Convert Visitors
Use welcome emails to tell your story and build trust, plus consider what might be holding the customer back from purchasing and spotlight that information.
Build Long-Term Loyalty

Don’t stop engaging with the customer post purchase. Use a post-purchase email series to make shoppers feel like part of your community.
Get More Repeat Sales

Roll out tiered discounts or create a unique, special offer for customers coming back to your site to buy again.
Recover Abandoned Carts

Abandoned carts can kill a business. Give your customers the reminder or promo they need to complete their purchase.
Go on Autopilot with Automations
Setup automations that fire in the background so you’re not doing the busy work. Every step of your cycle should have one, if not multiple, automations.
List Segmentation

Break your customers into segments based on engagement, interests, spend etc. then send different email content that speaks specifically to that group.

Monitor engagement, open rates, click rates and revenue to ensure your email marketing is working

List Health

Monitor the health of your email list to ensure you stay out of the spam box and maintain high open rates and click rates.
Think your email system setup is the best you can do?
I’m positive it’s not and you could be converting more site visitors into buyers by properly leveraging a tool like Klaviyo.
Book a free strategy session with us today so we can discuss the correct configuration of email flows for your brand, customers and market.
Allen Burt
CEO, Blue Stout
I set aside a few hours each week to have one-on-one strategy phone calls with ecommerce professionals like you. No gimmicks. No sales pitches. Just a 45 min conversation about your business where we will map out a strategy for increasing your conversion rates and accelerating your revenue and profits.

I do a limited number of these sessions each month and they book up fast. Find a spot on my calendar by clicking below.
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