How Twice increased email revenue by 623%


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increase ecommerce email revenue


The product of a celebrity dentist and Lenny Kravitz, Twice launched as an alternative to boring oral care, but needed a strategy for profitable growth.

The Problem

After performing our Blueprint audit, the Blue Stout team identified opportunities to leverage email to increase sales from automations and campaigns, while also reducing the number of customers churning from their subscription program.

Here’s what we found:

  • Problem 1: Email was only generating 8% of revenue.
  • Problem 2: Email flows in Klaviyo were underperforming.
  • Problem 3: There was a high churn rate on their monthly subscription program.
  • Problem 4: Weekly email campaigns were being sent to the full list, resulting in poor open rates and engagement.

The Approach

In order to accelerate revenue growth with email, Blue Stout put in place a strategy to improve on-site email acquisition to grow list size and amplify top-of-funnel prospects.

We then implemented six new flows in Klaviyo, each targeting a different stage in the customer journey.

By sending emails to customers at these critical points in their customer journey, they’re being nurtured and pushed to take the next important step forward toward a purchase.

increase ecommerce email revenue

Next, we launched a “Churn Reduction” flow to reduce the unsubscribe rate by targeting customers most likely to churn from the subscription program.

Lastly, we segmented the email list based on customer engagement and synced the cadence of weekly email sends to match the engagement of each customer.

The result was a 623% increase in email revenue in just 8 months, with an increase from 8% to 18% of total sales coming from email.

Summary of Approved Stats

  • 623% Increase in email revenue in 8 months

Working with Blue Stout gave us the confidence that our email marketing was in great hands. Working with Allen, Derek and team made sure that our emails were continuously being optimized and tested. We’ve seen significant growth in our program with them and we recommend Blue Stout to anyone looking to improve their email marketing function!

– Julian Levine, CEO |

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