Express checkout increases store conversions by 10.7%

In a recent test, we added a message to the cart about Express Checkout options, and conversions increased by 10.7%.

Express checkout increases store conversions by 10.7%

Here’s Why it Worked

When we tested a message in the drawer cart that let users know Express Checkout options (e.g. Shop Pay, Apple Pay, etc) are available in the checkout, it helped communicate to customers that they can quickly complete their checkout using accounts they have ALREADY created.

This way, you’re not asking them to whip out their credit card and type. You’re offering speed and ease.

Convenience is bliss. Use it to your advantage.

What Most Brands Do Wrong

Most brands think this is a fairly obvious piece of checkout. Why call it out? Our goal at the point of purchase is to ELIMINATE decision-making as much as possible. So, any chance you can ease their woes and save them time, you’re winning and so are they.

Try it out:

Have Apple Pay or Shop Pay on your site? Call it out in your drawer cart. Test, review, repeat.

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