10% lift in CVR for a CPG brand by deprioritizing “ingredients”

In a recent test, we elevated sales copy ABOVE the nutrition and ingredients section for a CPG brand on mobile product pages. A 10% improvement resulted.

Let your emotional message take the spotlight.

lift in CVR for a CPG brand

Here’s Why it Worked

Lots of food brands wonder where to place nutrition facts on product pages.

Too low and you risk losing the health-conscious consumer, too high and important sales copy is lost in the noise.

What gives?

Our major principle: sell emotionally BEFORE you sell logically.

When we elevated sales copy and placed nutrition facts further down the page, conversions improved because it allowed us to sell customers emotionally FIRST.

Nurturing early is key, especially for mobile visitors.

Those interested in the product’s nutrition facts will seek it out, while those who are browsing may find more value in the additional product description and imagery, and be inspired to keep scrolling.

What Most Brands Do Wrong

Most CPG brands do the opposite: they prioritize product stats like nutrition facts.
Don’t miss an opportunity to sell your customers emotionally first.

On mobile where space is limited, let them imagine their improved lives with your product before scrolling for details.

Test it out:

Have a CPG food or beauty brand? Try deprioritizing your ingredients and placing more emphasis on your emotional sales copy and assets.

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