EP10 – Retargeting Ads: How to Increase Conversions and Retention With Better Customer Journey Ads

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Reza Khadjavi is the CEO of Shoelace, a retargeting platform that helps businesses identify overlooked opportunities for increasing conversions and optimizing their retargeting ads and customer journeys.

The Shoelace platform lets you mirror successful email advertising campaigns as ads. This is just one example of the many ways that you can layer different elements of your business, including reviews and loyalty programs, to make retargeting ads more effective and profitable.

Resa calls this “customer journey retargeting”, and it’s an elevated way of running retargeting ads. It’s something you need to understand because in an environment where customer acquisition costs continue to rise, your ability to generate revenue from your audience through retargeting is more important than ever before.

“The companies that do retention the best are the ones who have phenomenal brand equity.” –  Reza Khadjavi (10:41-10:45)

Some topics discussed include:

  • How to communicate with your customer at every stage of their journey with your business
  • How you can tell the story about your brand using retargeting ads
  • What most retailers are doing wrong when they set up their retargeting
  • Retention is the new growth, but how do you get retention?
  • The only way marketers can solve the problem of annoying retargeting
  • How to continue telling your brand story once a customer buys
  • Why pure content or educational emails actually convert better than offers
The two phases in which customers make their purchasing decisions

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