EP15 – Increasing Average Order Value Using Data-Driven Upselling and Cross-Selling Offers with Erik Christiansen of Justuno

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Erik Christiansen is the CEO and co-founder of Justuno, a conversion optimization platform. Erik’s marketing journey began in the online retail space. In 2010, he and co-founder Travis Logan launched Justuno, and they’ve been helping today’s digital marketers and ecommerce businesses convert more visitors ever since.

Business owners now exist in a world where customer acquisition costs are skyrocketing and brands are having to get creative around driving more value from their customers. In the past, pop-ups and other conversion strategies were basic and intrusive. Fast forward to today’s pop-ups, which are smarter and give you the ability to dynamically segment how they appear and what they compel your customers to do.

Justuno takes customer data profiles and ingests a customer’s purchase history, buying behavior, and other metrics into a database you can use to increase the average order value when they purchase. This is the foundation for presenting additional products and offers that are highly relevant and more profitable for your business.

“When it directly affects your sales and AOV, there’s more incentive to test.” – Erik Christiansen, Justuno (18:50-18:57)

Here are just some topics we discuss:

  • How retailers and brands are increasing their AOV (average order value)
  • Strategies for recommending better products to customers when they add something to their cart
  • Using data from existing customers to make recommendations of products that are more likely to be purchased
  • How businesses are focusing inward to increase conversions and orders in the face of increasing marketing costs
  • The biggest cause of cart abandonment and how to communicate in ways that eliminate this common obstacle
  • Creating low-friction offers when upselling or cross-selling
  • Solving marketing problems through A/B testing
  • Automation and testing keep you from making assumptions and guesses about what increases sales and AOV
  • Upselling and cross-selling—once considered high-risk—is now a requirement.

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