EP18 – Increase conversions and AOV with product funnels and post-purchase upsells

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Jordan Gal is the Co-founder and CEO of Carthook, a company offering customizable checkout processes for some of the most groundbreaking eCommerce brands. He and his team are partnering with clients to implement one of the most overlooked strategies in eCom, the post purchase upsell. Carthook clients have seen as much as 42% of past 30 day total revenue be driven by post purchase upsells.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to implement product upsells to increase revenue and how you can use product funnels to customize the buying experience for your customers to increase conversion rate.

“This allows you to make an upsell without adding any friction to the buying process that can drive up your average order value.” – Jordan Gal

Here are just some topics we discuss:

  • How to use a “one click upsell” after the checkout to upsell your customer without adding friction to the buying process
  • Leveraging consumer psychology to increase hit rate of an upsell
  • Using “product funnels” to sell more with a better customer journey

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References & links mentioned:

  • Jordan Co-hosts The Bootstrapped Web, a podcast centered on the highs and lows encountered while bootstrapping an online business.

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