EP22 – Gathre.com: 7 figures without ads and building a world class content machine

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Devin Killpack is a biologist turned entrepreneur and the CEO and co-founder of Gathre. Gathre was born from the desire to create space for families, quality crafted mats and leather goods that prove “that beautiful things can be functional, that less can be more, that the effort to be together is always worth it.”

When Devin Killpack and his wife began Gathre five years ago the operations took place in his parents’ garage. Their ability to create a solid brand that focuses intently on aesthetics and leverage product placement and collaboration has catapulted them to the mid-7-figure range.

Today you’ll learn how Gathre scaled their business to 7 figures without advertising, their use of Clayton Christensen’s “Jobs to be Done” theory to better understand customers and products, and how they have utilized Instagram as their biggest lever.

“Gathre didn’t just create this brand, it was co-created with our customers.” – Devin Killpack


Some topics that were discussed include:

  • How Gathre scaled to 7-figures without paid advertising
  • How it took 2 years for Gathre to reach their first 7-figure year, how partnering with a big influencer was their key growth lever, and combining “paid influencer promotion” with co-branded product.
  • Why Gathre views themselves as an “Instagram first” business
  • Gathre’s “product development” process and why they attribute their success to it
  • Clayton Christensen’s “Jobs To Be Done” theory and how it helps Gathre understand their customers and products.
  • Using this framework to determine what content to create that will resonate with their audience.
  • How they leverage User Generated Content to scale their social following and drive sales.
  • Gathre’s “framework” for deciding what to post, how many to post, and the goal they want each piece of creative to achieve
  • Gathre’s team building philosophy and how they make hiring decisions.


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