EP6: How to Increase Conversions and Average Order Value With Onsite Personalization (w/ JustUno)

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“Just getting people over that first conversion hump is the hardest part.” – Robbie Hammett, JustUno

Increasing conversion rates and the size of customer orders lays the foundation for lasting growth in your marketplace. There is already a wide range of strategies, tools, and tactics that businesses are using in an attempt to increase their revenue. However, many of these approaches often ruin the user experience (UX) while alienating existing and future customers.

JustUno helps businesses communicate with customers using dynamic and personalized marketing messages that lead to better results. Delivering messages that resonate with your customers and incentivize them to buy dramatically increases your conversions and average order volume (AOV).

There are a few ways that you can utilize your metrics in a way that will grow conversion rates while still adding value to customers.

Personalized offers. Using the data you have about your customers to create personalized onsite offers is one of the best ways to grow your business. It moves them further along in the customer journey while aligning your offers with their needs. Customer data lets you see things like past behavior, the items they’ve purchased, and whether or not they have items in their shopping carts. You can leverage what you know about your customers in ways that support your business goals and improve your brand experience.

Customer Incentives. The cost of acquiring a new customer has continued to rise, making it even more important for you to match your site’s content to your customer data. Incentives are a powerful way to persuade users to purchase your products or services. Bonus gifts, free or expedited shipping, product bundles, and upselling are just some of the strategies you can test to find out what works for your business.

You may be worried that discounts will degrade the value of your brand. If so, you can utilize incentives that enhance the customer’s purchase, without giving away exorbitant amounts of inventory. Bundled packages and other offers increase the number and size of purchases without having to discount your products. This can be a powerful way to boost AOV and convert more prospects into paying customers.

Focus on the UX. User experience is just as important as your ability to move prospects further into your sales funnel. Many businesses rely heavily on pop-ups and other tactics that don’t address the unique needs of each easier. They fail to segment their audience only to deliver generic marketing messages that don’t convert. Take the time to consider what you can do better at each point along the sales process. How can you increase the average order volume while making sure that customers still enjoy the buying journey?

Dynamic messaging is one of the easiest ways to generate more revenue. Segmenting your ad campaigns, email marketing, and other traffic sources puts the appropriate message in front of users and increases the incentive to buy. Using the right systems and tactics adds up over time, optimizing your business and giving you a higher return on all of your marketing spending.

Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction – 0:00
  • Visitor Conversion Software and the User Experience – 7:46
  • Conversion Tactics That Work – 12:04
  • How to Prevent Customers From Expecting Discounts – 22:59
  • Use Dynamic Upselling to Increase Average Order Value – 29:13
  • Bundling Tactics That Get Customers to Buy More – 38:38
  • How to Get Better Results from Your Email Click-Throughs 45:55
  • Wrap-up and Takeaways – 58:31

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