EP3: How to Add 30% More Store Revenue With Email

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Email Lifecycle Marketing – Most brands are doing it wrong.

“Most brands are doing email wrong, or have not optimized it to drive as much revenue through it as they could be.”

This week on The Commerce Lab, we’re talking about how to ramp up your ROI utilizing the power of lifecycle email marketing. A business employing an effective marketing strategy should be seeing around 30% of their monthly revenue directly from email. If your revenue falls below that percentage, you are probably not using email correctly or optimizing it as you should. Listen in to learn more about the proven process our clients have used across a number of different businesses to increase client engagement and ramp up their revenue.

“Lifecycle email marketing is the concept of layering email at each stage of the customer journey to push customers more rapidly through the process, and also layering in these additional nurturing points to get somebody revved up about your brand, in touch with your brand, and ready to buy.”

Our customers’ inboxes are flooded each day with emails. However, if you are writing exemplary content, and you have built out your list, you should be seeing a 20-40% open rate on your campaigns. We’ll take you through an effective strategy for both automated and manual campaigns, tailoring your flow to your customer-base, and segmenting your email list, to avoid a drop-off in your open rate.

Lifecycle Email Marketing - On average, it takes five to fifteen touchpoints.

At the end of this episode, you’ll be equipped with a whole list of takeaways that you can apply to your own email marketing strategy today. Tailor your content to garner the highest possible levels of engagement, learn how to stand out, and take advantage of one of the most valuable marketing tools available to your business.

Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction – 0:59
  • What is Lifecycle Email Marketing? – 8:45
  • Implementing Lifecycle Email Marketing Strategy – 14:12
  • Manual Campaigns – 20:23
  • How to Utilize Segmentation – 24:17
  • Takeaways for Your Email List – 33:12
  • Wrap-up – 38:41

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