Get to Market Faster with Shopify Scripts, The New Shopify Plus Feature (And 5 Templates You Can Use Now!)

In just ONE month Street Execs, a boutique artist management & marketing company, sold $2.1 million worth of an ugly Christmas sweater.

Just take a moment to grasp the volume of their sales in this short span of time and the effect it would’ve had on their backend processes. Only a quality enterprise ecommerce platform with solid hosting capabilities would be capable of managing such a ‘tsunami’ of sales.

If you could have a platform like this, there’s enormous potential for you to reduce unnecessary development costs, and set the foundation for handling massive sales volumes, faster!

That platform is Shopify Plus.

Shopify Plus has really upped their game in the hosted solutions market. By giving ecommerce companies the opportunity to write their own code through providing access to their servers, Shopify has started a whole new movement in ecommerce website customization that was previously only available on self-hosted platforms.

This opportunity comes through “Shopify Scripts”, which combine the benefits of customization, well-managed servers, and backend infrastructure to create a powerful ecommerce platform experience. By making business logic and website customizations easier and much faster, they’re supporting millions in sales (as is evident from the ugly Christmas sweater success story).

What was it like before Shopify Scripts?

Before Scripts, the only option available to ecommerce businesses who wanted this level of customization was to self-host the website on their own server. There were two issues with this:

  1. The company inherits the expense and responsibility of managing their security and infrastructure.
  2. The time it takes to push live the most basic changes to your store can (and will) increase with everything living on your own server instead of on a more fluid hosted environment.

Not any more! Welcome to Shopify Scripts ?

Shopify Scripts allows you to ‘enter’ Shopify’s servers and create your own customizations. If you’re under a development deadline, Scripts provides you with some “pre-made” customization scripts which you can utilize and customize further to boost conversions.

Let’s look at two of the new options you have with Scripts:

1. Get A Free Item With Your Purchase

Think of this customization as a “sales sweetener” for your customer. Your customer buys something from your site, and you instantly offer something free to surprise them. This is great for giving your customer an overall pleasant shopping user experience (UX), and can convert them to loyal fans.

Check out how MMA Warehouse uses this exact offer to enhance the shopping experience:

Free item Shopify scripts Shopify Plus
[image source]

What type of transaction sweetener can you offer? The implementation time from concept to “live on site” is much less with Scripts, so start brainstorming with your team to see what’s feasible for your company.

2. Purchase Combo:

If you’d like to increase your average order value, providing a purchase combo is one way to achieve that. By offering a discount on purchase combinations or multiple purchases, you incentivize the customer to buy more.

Check out how Henge Docks utilizes this strategy for selling Macbooks:

price break Shopify script Shopify Plus
[image source]

So, what products can you combine to create product combos? Seeing that they are getting a bargain on one or more items can really up a customer’s order size. After all, everyone loves a discount!

Looking for More?

There are plenty more Shopify customizations available on the Github Scripts repository, including script templates for various ecommerce business customizations such as:

  • Percentage (%) off a product
  • Amount ($) off a product
  • Percentage (%) and amount ($) off a product
  • Tiered discounts (10% off 2, 20%0ff 3, etc.)
  • Buy one get one free (BOGO)

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All of these changes can be made via the Shopify Script Editor, which allows you to ‘publish’ and ‘unpublish’ scripts as they are needed.

Shopify scripts list Shopify Plus
[image source]

So what does Shopify Scripts mean for you?

As an ecommerce business operating in a fast-moving tech environment, the pressure is on to introduce new features to your site. Shopify Plus gives the benefit of doing this in a fast and efficient manner.

By having your business, IT and marketing teams work cohesively, you can prioritize which features are most likely to optimize conversions and utilize development resources optimally. It’s best to plan ahead and conduct a cost/benefit analysis when estimating the development time required to introduce such features.

On top of that, by shortening the development lifecycle,you can improve the speed to market on your products. This also allows you to remain agile and test the impact each customization has on your conversion rates a lot faster, so you can pick and build on the ones that maximize your ROI.

And, by utilizing custom scripts you can greatly reduce the time and costs associated with building your customizations and balance the needs of your business with those of your customers.

Give your customers the best shopping experience you can by being on the forefront: become an agile, lean, and customer-oriented ecommerce brand powered by website customizations!

[header image credit Shopify]

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