How Shopify Plus Store, SkinnyMe Tea, Used Email Pop Ups to Boost Email List Growth by 758%

SkinnyMe Tea is an Australian based health and wellness company that specializes in high quality teatox products. SkinnyMe Tea was founded back in 2012 in Melbourne, Australia on a line of tea products that focus on detoxing the body.

The founder, Gretta van Riel, grew her company to $600,000 per month in under 6 months. SkinnyMe Tea was also the winner of the 2013 Shopify Build A Business competition where they were mentored by Eric Ries, a well-known author who popularized the Lean Startup methodology.

Today, SkinnyMe Tea has rapidly grown into the leader in the teatox space and an ecommerce powerhouse on the Shopify Plus platform. Their programs have helped over 300,000 individuals reach their health and fitness goals.

So now that you know a bit about the company, let’s dig into the case study and learn how they grew their email list by such a large number (758%!)…

The Problems: Email List Growth & Conversion Rate Optimization

SkinnyMe Tea needed a more effective email list growth strategy to pair with their MailChimp email marketing campaigns. This would allow for greater distribution of their content while also opening up more opportunities to bring on new customers.

Another key objective for the brand was conversion rate optimization. They looked to improve on-site marketing efforts to drive more visitor engagement and to convert more sales.

The Solution: Popups with Promos

SkinnyMe Tea implemented an email pop up with an incentive of a 10% off promo code to new subscribers. This tactic engages shoppers with an attractive offer that many shoppers are likely to act on.

skinnyme tea Shopify Plus email list growth

It’s a win for SkinnyMe Tea every time a shopper engages with the offer. Even if a shopper doesn’t end up checking out during that visit, they are still able to target these shoppers in future email campaigns. This tactic allowed SkinnyMe Tea to convert a higher percentage of traffic and boost email list growth.

SkinnyMe Tea has since added other email pop up promotions with content incentives including eating plans, recipes, and printable health/fitness challenges.


Their Conversion Results: Significant Additional Revenue

With the simple addition of email pop ups, SkinnyMe Tea increased email opt ins by 758%!

The promo code incentive also contributed to a sales conversion rate increase of a full 1%.

While this may sound like a small increase, it’s far from it.

Here’s an example based on estimations: If a site gets 100,000 monthly visitors and they increase their sales conversion rate by 1%, that’s 1,000 more sales.

Multiply these 1,000 sales by an estimated average order size of $25 and you get $25,000 of additional monthly revenue!

That’s $300,000 additional revenue per year!

Key Takeaways for Your Ecommerce Company

Add Value with Content

It’s not just for blogs: content has its place in ecommerce as well. SkinnyMe Tea continues to add to the customer experience with their exercise and eating plans. By doing this they are able to offer additional value to customers, which builds loyalty and drives traffic back to their site. Start investing time and resources into developing relevant and useful content for visitors; It will enhance your brand and shopping experience.

A Small Change Leads to Big Results

It’s easy to become satisfied with ecommerce success and be happy with the way things are with your shopping experience when you’re having success. But there is an incredible amount of sales opportunity out there and you can capitalize on it. A growing email list and an increase in conversion rate, can result in a substantial boost in revenue!

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