EP11 – Death Wish Coffee: Deconstructing the marketing machine behind an 8-figure brand

by Blue Stout
November 27, 2019

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Will Critcher is in charge of direct marketing for Death Wish Coffee, a brand that touts itself as the strongest coffee in the world. Will handles everything from email marketing to Amazon to performance marketing spend. He’s tasked with the day-to-day operations that come with working within a team scaling an eight-figure brand.

We sit down to talk to Will about the strategies he uses to allocate a marketing budget so you can figure out where to put your money to grow your brand. We talk about allocating for creating content and building brand equity versus simply dumping money into performance advertising.

Coffee is the second most-consumed nonalcoholic beverage in the world after water. So it’s an incredibly competitive space. Will Critcher deep-dives into how the Death Wish Coffee team thinks strategically about the ways they communicate to each segment of their market—from baby boomers to millennials and everyone in between. You can learn the framework they use to communicate their brand and products so that you can apply it to the way you speak to your specific audience.

“If you think, ‘These are the rules that we have to follow and these are the words that we have to say’, then you’re begging to put yourself out of business.” – Will Critcher (50:08-50:18)


Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Communicating your message with different voices and purposes
  • How to handle audience segmentation, email cadence, and outreach strategy.
  • Strategies for allocating allocate your marketing budget scale
  • Striking a balance between doubling down on what works while also trying new things that the competition hasn’t tried yet
  • Using email marketing to generate brand loyalty
  • How to speak to your audience about the things they actually care about and align with your brand.
  • Marketing to multiple age groups and knowing how to speak to each one
  • Finding markets to penetrate that aren’t currently buying from you
  • What’s working better or working differently…and what new channels you should be exploring


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