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EP19 – Buying brands, how to sell for a high multiple and the anatomy of a DTC holding company

by Blue Stout
February 26, 2020

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Kyle Widrick is the Founder and CEO of WIN Brands Group (WBG). WBG is a leading operator of a portfolio of direct-to-consumer brands focused on leveraging best in class technology partners to scale the most innovative customer-first brands in the world.

WBG partners with companies that have created amazing products currently in the marketplace, acquires the majority of the business and provides them with an extensive top-level shared service team who run the business from a portfolio approach. Within the next 3-5 years Kyle and WBG plan to have a couple dozen brands operating within their DTC holding company.

Today, you’ll learn about WBG’s strategic advantage in the DTC market, how they structure their partnership with brands, and about the future of DTC commerce.


“I saw all these businesses that really should have taken off like rocket ships, but didn’t have a key resource internally and that held them back in a very dramatic way.” – Kyle Widrick


Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Does the future of DTC (direct to consumer eCommerce) look like holding companies?
  • What WBG looks for when buying a brand
  • WBG’s business model- operating with a Matrix Structure
  • The First 12-18 months after acquisition
  • How WBG has a strategic advantage
  • How WBG structures the deal with DTC brands they buy
  • The valuation of a DTC Brand
  • The future of DTC commerce
  • Why Kyle doesn’t avoid Amazon


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