Customer reviews higher up on the homepage boost revenue for home goods brand.

On the homepage, don’t let brand story overshadow social proof.

Before, for a home goods brand, the top of their homepage focused on initiatives like charity campaigns.

While emotionally appealing, these stories don’t inspire the customer to learn more about the products.

Instead, we moved a testimonial section titled, “Over 16,000 Happy Customers” to the top of the page.

This helped influence more buyers right away, leading to a 7.2% increase in revenue per user.

Customer reviews higher up on the homepage boost revenue

Here’s Why it Worked

Assurance from great reviews is often more influential than brand promises.

It’s not always the case – but for a lifestyle brand, reviews are key.

When we position them higher (above even the brand’s foundational stories) we prioritize what many customers view as essential: validation from peers.

Products for the home are a personal style choice, and positive feedback inspires confident purchases and reinforces trust.

But, remember to test!

What Most Brands Do Wrong

Many brands are heavily story-driven, placing emphasis on their legacy, quality, or charitable initiatives.

While these narratives are valuable, they de-emphasize the crucial element of direct consumer feedback when placed above the fold.

Misplacing these trust signals can be a missed opportunity for conversion.

Remember: your brand’s ethos sets the stage, but the voice of your community brings confidence to the purchase.

Steps to Try Today

Evaluating your homepage layout? Consider elevating consumer feedback to ensure your brand story doesn’t overshadow social proof.

Then, test it out.

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