Migrating a 400-year brand to Shopify Plus

Today, we’re looking at Zildjian, a 400-year-old leader in the music industry.

Founded in 1623 in Istanbul, Turkey, Zildjian is a renowned and historic drum brand with a legacy of crafting cymbals and other percussion instruments.

They’ve quite literally set the stage for quality and sound in the industry.

How does a brand with an enduring impact maintain its position as a leader in the world of high-quality percussion products?

They saw an opportunity to optimize their tech stack, and wanted to do so in time for their 400-year anniversary.

The team came to Blue Stout with three goals:

  1. Decrease maintenance costs
  2. Improve user experience
  3. Increase flexibility for launches and promotions to support a large catalog

Their existing site, along with sister brand and drumstick manufacturer Vic Firth, was costly to maintain, and allowed little flexibility.

We migrated Zildjian and Vic Firth’s sites over to Shopify Plus in just 3 months, improving and optimizing their digital presence in time for their 400-year celebration.

Now, their modern tech stack offers the brand tremendous flexibility for sustainable growth.

May the legacy live on.

Key Stats:

  • Magento to Shopify Plus Migration
  • 3 Month Timeline: Kickoff to Site Launches
  • 2 Shopify Plus Stores
  • Site Optimization, Design, Development
  • Data Migration
  • Retail Store Integration Using Quivers

“Blue Stout did a killer job! They migrated 2 of our brands from Magento to Shopify Plus in under 3 months (a very fast turnaround). Their team was amazing to work with. Highly recommend!”

Jason Leboeuf

Head of Ecommerce | Zildjian.com