$240,000 in new monthly revenue


Fashion, Apparel


Increase Site Revenue


CRO A/B Testing, Design & Development

Dream Outcome

$240,000 in new monthly revenue added in the first 6 months with our CRO method.

Through the implementation of 14 winning A/B tests and site updates, we achieved over a 27x Profit ROI for this online fashion retailer.

Key Stats:


Monthly Incremental Revenue


Profit ROI

How We Did It

Lane 201 is a fast growing women’s fashion apparel retailer.

After years of running on a site poorly optimized by a previous agency, Lane 201 turned to Blue Stout for an aggressive site optimization program.

The goal: scale traffic while increasing revenue per site visitor.

Over the first 6 months of our Conversion Rate Optimization program, we launched 13 A/B tests, with 11 generating a lift in performance. And performed several site design optimizations to improve usability and performance.

All resulting in a strong $240,000 increase in incremental monthly revenue and a 27x Profit ROI.

Performance Results (Summary)

  • $240,000 in Monthly Incremental Revenue
  • 27x Profit ROI
  • 70% Test Success Rate