TAFT: A 33% Conversion Rate Increase

Have you heard me talk bout using “Multiplicative growth” to get to $10M and $50M faster and easier?

Let me show you what that looks like in the real world.

TAFT, a modern-day men’s footwear brand, came to us on a hot streak. But without improved conversion rates and a new site they were going to hit a hard ceiling trying to scale with ads…

Here is what we did.

After auditing the TAFT store using our BluePrint audit process, we uncovered a handful of roadblocks stopping customers from continuing on with their purchase.

With over 70% of customers coming from mobile, and a high product price point, TAFT had limited site real estate to clearly communicate their value proposition, hook customers emotionally on their products AND swiftly move them to checkout.

And, most importantly for TAFT, we could identify the specific pages on their store that were hemorrhaging new customers.

But, none of this was clear by looking at their Shopify Analytics.

Only after comparing their Google Analytics data with a deep usability review of the store, could we map out the problematic areas.

We quickly performed a full scale redesign of the TAFT site, based on our audit, that focused on:

  • Clarifying the “Message to Market”
  • Streamlining mobile navigation and collections pages to reduce buyer friction
  • Improving product page layout to address logical buyer concerns
  • Increasing emotional desire at each stage of the customer journey with a greater focus on unique benefits and lifestyle
  • Disarming the high price point with an evergreen “pre-purchase nurture” system

Here were the results:

  • 152% Year-Over-Year Sales Increase
  • 33% Conversion Rate Increase (YOY)
  • 16% Average Order Value Increase (YOY)
  • $5M Investment Raise (from a roster of NBA all star players)

It’s likely that WITHOUT this redesign, they would have plateaued at 7-figures in revenue from their ad spend (which was getting increasingly unprofitable). In other words, revenue would have stalled and profit would have shrunk.

But they wouldn’t have been able to see it on their own.

We just happened to catch it while auditing their brand during the BluePrint audit process (which you can schedule here if you want a second set of eyeballs on your store).

“It was clear that Allen and the team knew their stuff. It has only been a few months but I have already come back to Blue Stout for additional help and recommended two friends to Blue Stout. No greater compliment than sending friends to Blue Stout for help on their sites.”

Kory Stevens

CEO | taftclothing.com