We replaced an icon with this message for a 22% conversion lift…

by Blue Stout
October 26, 2022

In a recent test, we saw a 22% conversion lift when we replaced a client’s value proposition icon on their Collections page with SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.

This client specializes in a niche market where lots of customization occurs. The more incentives, the better.

conversion lift

Here’s Why it Worked

Don’t be afraid to repeat these promo messages.

Guaranteeing customer satisfaction is KEY when it comes to large items in a custom market. They want to know that what they’re putting their time & money into is returnable if they’re not totally thrilled.

This promo language in place of product-specific info allows the customer to feel safe moving further down the page, where you’ll continue to inspire them with great design & key pointers (you are doing this part, right?)


What Most Brands Do Wrong

Most brands list their product’s key assets with icons and forget that they can use this space to hint at other promotions, like satisfaction guaranteed, free shipping, etc.


Try it out:

Test it out! Add a promo message in your icon lineup & watch those conversions increase.


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