Move the “You May Also Like” section for a 16% conversion increase

by Blue Stout
January 4, 2023

Time for another CRO win of the week. This time, we’re focusing on product page organization.

In a recent test, we moved the ‘You May Also Like’ section lower on the product page. It boosted conversions by 16%.

Moving alternative product recommendations lower on the page encourages a path off the page only AFTER customers have viewed all content related to the product they chose to view first.

CRO win of the week focusing on product page organization

Here’s Why it Worked

The sections specific to the current product BENEFITS are #1.

Make them visible first thing, and THEN offer alternatives. We must give each customer a chance to convert before giving them alternatives.

Don’t inundate your customer with alternative products before they’ve learned whether the current one is right for them.


What Most Brands Do Wrong

Most brands lead their customers off the product page way too early.

By focusing on the current product first, you’re ensuring the customer understands all benefits and reasons to purchase, before being offered alternatives.


Try it out:

Have “You May Also Like” product recommendations? Make sure they are BELOW the current product’s content! Test, review, repeat.


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