How to maximize revenue per user on collections listings.

For large catalogs, order and display your collections by revenue contribution.

In a recent test for a home goods brand, revenue per visitor increased by 18.5% when we changed the order of the ‘Shop All’ page to list high revenue collections first.

Before, these were in alphabetical order.

This change also lifted conversions by 9.8%.

How to maximize revenue per user on collections listings.

Here’s Why it Worked

Don’t default to sorting collections by what you think is important.

Your collections are where buyers get a sense of the types of products you offer.

Present the ones you already know convert best FIRST.

Because in some niches, consumers just want to be shown what to buy with the least amount of thought possible.

So, you might as well point to the collections that drive the most revenue for you.

Good rule of thumb:

Don’t assume buyers understand how to find what they want; if you have a diverse catalog, list your collections by what drives both the most total revenue and highest revenue per visitor.

Show them where they should go first.

What Most Brands Do Wrong

Most brands list their collections by what they deem important.

Or, they order alphabetically, assuming customers find this easy to navigate.

This is a missed opportunity.

Instead, captivate new visitors by using data and directing customers to collections that historically drive the highest total revenue and highest average revenue per visitor.

This is how we maximize revenue from your traffic channels.

Steps to Try Today

Do you have a large catalog with many collections?

First, look at your data and get clarity on what drives the highest revenue and highest average revenue per visitor.

Then, consider placing these collections right away to maximize revenue per visitor.
As always, TEST!

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