Removing a link from a product page message increased conversions by 9% on mobile.

In a recent test, we removed the link from a Price Match Guarantee message displayed early on the product page for a home goods brand. This simple change increased conversions by 9% for mobile visitors.

Keep distracting links to a minimum on your product pages.

Removing link from product page message increased conversions

Here’s Why it Worked

Our goal is to keep the customer on the page long enough to complete a purchase, not redirect them to other pages.

For this brand, their Price Match Guarantee is a major selling point.

However, redirecting their focus too soon distracts from the product — especially on mobile.

Removing the link forces customers to browse instead, not jump ship.

Less links here, the better.

What Most Brands Do Wrong

Your brand’s major selling points are important. But, be careful not to redirect them off the page too soon with links.

Most brands assume that sending customers off the page is fine, so long as the content is important.

However, they never test to see if these top-of-page links hurt performance.

On smaller screens especially, they kill follow-through.

Test It Out

On mobile, do you have links to other pages prominently displayed on your product pages? Consider cutting them.

Test, review, repeat.

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