Short reviews in mobile buy box lifts conversions for outdoor brand.

On mobile, integrate short customer reviews directly into the Buy Box to eliminate scroll.

One of our outdoor brands sells food specifically for adventures.

Before, they had user reviews nestled at the bottom of the product detail page, away from the prime real estate of the buy box.

Our approach? We integrated snippets of these user reviews directly into the buy box – a subtle shift resulting in a 4.3% uplift in mobile conversions.

Short reviews in mobile buy box lifts conversions for outdoor brand

This provided potential buyers with insights without the need to scroll.

Here’s Why it Worked

The old design required customers to seek out customer reviews elsewhere, interrupting their purchase flow.

On mobile especially, use the limited space to your advantage.

Relocating these testimonials to the buy box positioned powerful social proof at the point of decision-making.

The less scrolling on mobile, the better.

What Most Brands Do Wrong

All brands understand the influence of real reviews. But they underestimate the impact of placement.

While the mobile segment thrived with the review in buy box, the desktop experience did not.

Social proof’s importance varies depending on the screen size, product, and target audience.

Personalize your buyer’s experience, and optimize per device.

Steps to Try Today

Do you have customer reviews on your mobile product detail pages? Consider extracting a snippet and placing it where it’ll have the most impact: the buy box.

Then, test.

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