We saw a 10% conversion increase when we added testimonials HERE.

In a test for a health & wellness brand, we added a testimonial section to the bottom of the homepage. This change landed us a 10% conversion increase.

Use the power of great peer reviews EARLY in the customer journey.

10% conversion increase when we added testimonials

Here’s Why it Worked

Your homepage is the story hub of your site.

If most new customers land on your homepage, hook them emotionally THERE.

Especially with consumable products (ie: a supplement) reviews are critical and nurturing early matters.

Reduce your reader’s anxiety and increase their motivation from the get-go by tapping into trust, credibility, and emotions on the homepage with PEER reviews.

For instance, quotes & star ratings detailing:

  • How they incorporate the product into their specific lifestyle
  • How the product saves them time, boosts their energy or elevates their well-being

…are game-changers.

Your product may be great, but new customers need evidence of this from REAL customers.

What Most Brands Do Wrong

Most brands don’t test their customer pathways and place peer reviews way too late in the customer journey.

OR, even worse, they focus ONLY on expert testimonials to provide proof and validation.

Specific testimonials from actual customers add a HUGE boost when used correctly.

The lesson:

  • Appeal to story and emotion EARLY by nurturing customers with PEER reviews on the homepage.
  • Diversify your social proof later on with testimonials from doctors, industry leaders, and experts.

Try it out! Then, test.

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