EP8: How to Leverage a New Sales Channel Using Web Push Notifications with Felix Suellwold

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Leverage a new sales channel with abandoned card web push notifications

Notifications have become second-nature in our everyday lives. There are notifications for emails, voice messages, text messages, and the endless applications we use to connect, communicate, and buy. Notifications have been almost exclusive to mobile devices. But more businesses are taking advantage of web push notifications that are delivered through your Internet browser.

Felix Suellwold helps businesses integrate web push notifications into their sales processes. Any business can deliver notifications that support the marketing and sales experience for your customers and your business. But the use of web push notifications is relatively new, and many businesses don’t understand the use cases available to grow.

“Some merchants aren’t able to retarget on Google or Facebook. Web push notifications that get your visitors to subscribe overcomes the obstacles facing traditional retargeting strategies.” – Felix Suellwold (11:15-11:37)

Used in the wrong ways, web push notifications can cause friction in the sales process and negatively impact your brand experience. But used strategically, they can reduce shopping cart abandonment, offer discounts, and let buyers know when items are back in stock to increase conversion rates. Web push notifications improve your segmentation so you deliver a personalized experience that drives more revenue to your business.

The uses/benefits of web push notifications

Web push notifications are more accessible. There’s nothing to download, and browser-based reminders are highly visible. Customers receive notifications even if their browser is running in the background. If they log off their browsers, reminders appear when they return. With web push notifications, you drive more sales by reaching customers at the right time, and desktop notifications convert more easily than those delivered to mobile devices.

Businesses can use web push notifications for:

  • Welcoming and thanking customers
  • Product discounts
  • Restocking of inventory
  • Abandoned shopping carts
  • Shipping confirmation

Notifications that welcome or thank customers can build your credibility and strengthen their trust in you. Product coupons and discounts persuade on-the-fence buyers to buy after they’ve browsed your products. Timely delivery of those messages targets users when they’re primed to buy.

Leverage a new sales channel using web push notifications

Reminding customers about their abandoned carts can be one of the most useful and revenue-driving automation strategies you have. Web push notification technologies let you create a series of reminders offering progressively larger incentives to buy. The first notification may be just a reminder. The second could include a coupon offer, and the third might include a discount offer with free shipping. Emails fall through the cracks of cluttered inboxes. Moving this process to the customer’s browser may have a greater impact on your bottom line.

Notifications that confirm purchases and shipping information give customers peace of mind, making them more likely to buy from you in the future. Other use cases include advanced segmentation based on location, device, purchase history, and other metrics.

Web push notifications are part of the growing trend towards more personalized brand experiences. The cost to acquire new customers is soaring. Automating processes that increase client retention gives you a leading edge over your competitors while delivering a memorable experience that keeps your customers coming back for more.

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