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EP9 – Sand Cloud: $1 Million Without Ads, Scaling with Ambassadors, and the Secrets of Shark Tank

by Blue Stout
November 13, 2019

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Steven Ford and business partners Brandon Leibel and Bruno Aschidamini founded Sand Cloud with the dream of creating sustainably sourced beach lifestyle products that give back to our environment.

Today, you’ll learn how Steven and the Sand Cloud team have focused on intentionally building a community around their brand, making it possible for them to hit $1MM in revenue without spending a single dollar on paid marketing.

“People are smart, they’re catching onto what is authentic and what is not.” – Steven Ford


Some topics that were discussed include:

  • The creation of the Sand Cloud brand
Creating a strong social media presence
Leveraging social media and brand ambassadors as organic marketing
How to utilize social media for market testing purposes
How Sand Cloud finally made it onto Shark Tank
  • How to create offline conversations and events to build your brand
The importance of building a story around your product
  • Aligning your brand with your audience and social media ambassadors
The impact of community vs. paid advertising


Learn more about Sand Cloud:


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