68x ROI in 3 months with A/B Testing


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Increase Site Revenue


Monthly CRO A/B Testing

Dream Outcome

In just 3 months, Blue Stout delivered 10 site optimizations contributing to a 17% increase in average revenue per session and millions in incremental annual revenue. 

This delivered a 68x Return on Investment in only 90 days.

Key Stats:


Profit ROI


Revenue Per Session Increase


A/B Test Success Rate

How We Did It

Mugsy had just completed a full site redesign project, but knew there was still opportunity to improve site revenue.

We started with our custom site audit to understand the impact of the redesign project and what opportunities still existed to increase revenue per visitor.

We concluded that vital parts of the customer journey were excluded during the redesign and proposed 25+ site optimizations to boost the average revenue per site visitor.

Blue Stout started a 90 day CRO A/B testing sprint focusing on the lowest hanging fruit opportunities from the audit.

Immediate Impact (With Long Term Results)

Within the first 30 days, Mugsy saw an immediate 140% cash on hand return from their live testing every single week – a benefit we refer to as Profitable Testing.

And by the end of 3 months, Mugsy experienced a 17% increase in Average Revenue per Session, that would add millions in incremental revenue throughout the rest of the year.

What was needed by the client?

The onboarding process with Blue Stout was simple.

  • Access to Analytics and Shopify
  • A deep dive by Blue Stout into the specific customer profiles and buying habits

Within a few days of kickoff, Blue Stout was running profitable tests.

And over the course of 3 months, delivered an 82% win rate across all optimizations tested.

What comes next? Our recommendations to Mugsy for continued success:

  • ADA audit
  • Site speed optimization
  • Heat Map analysis using Clarity
  • Customer reviews analysis to identify key conversion messaging
  • Upsell and Cross-sell testing to boost AOV and RPS using Rebuy

Performance Results (Summary)

  • 135x Revenue ROI
  • 68x Profit ROI
  • 17% Revenue Per Session Increase
  • 82% A/B Test Success Rate
  • Millions in incremental annual revenue
  • 140% Cash Return from Profitable Testing (™)