2 ways to increase AOV with no upsells.

Increase AOV without upsells by using gamification and personalization.

But first, a definition:

Average order value (AOV) tracks the average dollar amount spent each time a customer places an order.

Higher AOV = greater profitability.

Amazon credits 35% of its YoY revenue growth to increases in average order value (AOV).

This is huge. Beyond bundles and upsells, encourage customers to spend more with these strategies:

1# – ‍Gamify purchases with rewards in the cart

Have a large catalog? Start with the cart to increase AOV.

With 47.8% of US online shoppers abandoning carts because they were “just browsing or not ready to buy,” motivation is necessary.

Adding a shipping threshold is obvious. But what about using gamification?

We did just that by introducing a free gift motivator (“Spend $200+ for FREE pants”) to an 8-figure apparel brand’s cart.

When combined with a visual progress bar and personalized product upsells, average order value (AOV) lifted by 10%, with 11% more buyers completing checkout:

⭐️Moral of the story: Humans are naturally drawn to challenges and the satisfaction of achievement.

Customers now have a (fun) reason to spend more.

#2: Offer personalized product recommendations

…especially ones that complement each other.

Brands that build longevity know: the more knowledge you have on the customer, the safer you are as a brand.

For a CPG health brand selling supplements, customers can optimize their experience by purchasing products that pair well together –

In a recent test, we changed a section header from, “You May Also Like” to “Frequently Bought Together” on the product page. It led to a lift in conversion rate and AOV for a combined 49% increase in revenue per user (RPU).

Old: “You May Also Like”

V1: “Frequently Bought Together”

One header tweak incentivized more buyers to purchase.

⭐️ Moral of the story: people want options that fix the problems they’re looking to solve.

This psychological sweet spot helped them move more product.

Try it & test!

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