23.4% increase in revenue per session with additional slider of recs in cart.

For a large catalog of products, add variety to your upsells on the cart page.

A 24% increase in revenue per session and checkout completion occurred for our apparel brand when we added a second upsell slider of curated product recommendations to the cart page.

We added this second upsell directly above the one they already had: a ‘Recently Viewed’ product slider.

increase in revenue per session

Here’s Why it Worked

For brands with a lot of products, varying your upsells is a good idea.

Here, it worked because customers are getting two upsell opportunities at once:

  1. Custom recommendations based on what’s already in their cart using the Rebuy app.
  2. Previously viewed items that they’ve already shown interest in.

Offering these distinct groups in the cart keeps them browsing the products they’ve already shown interest in, and those that they haven’t shown interest in, but we think they will like.

This way, they’re discovering products they haven’t seen before in a quick glance close to the point of purchase.

We also made it easy to add products directly to the cart, reducing friction and increasing purchases.

What Most Brands Do Wrong

Most brands don’t even have one upsell, let alone a variety.

With a large catalog, this is a missed opportunity.

Share products that your customer may need.

Don’t let buyers leave without knowing what you offer.

Steps to Try Today

Do you have a large catalog of products? Consider adding two different upsells on your cart page to tailor to their needs.

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