Jewelry brand puts product copy above ATC for 15% conversion lift

Don’t overlook the power of great sales copy in an imagery-focused industry.

We moved product descriptions above the Add to Cart button for a luxury jewelry brand.

Before, the copy was hidden in an accordion design.

When we placed it higher up the page next to the product image, conversions increased by over 15%.

copy above ATC for conversion lift

Here’s Why it Worked

Copy is often overlooked in an industry where images are king.

But, powerful words that describe important details AND paint a picture of a sophisticated and elevated life with the product are just as significant as imagery.

When in tandem, it’s a powerful combination.

Use product descriptions to:

  • Compliment your images.
  • Inspire and convince your customer.

Allow your visitors to be moved by emotion on the product page.

When you make sales copy easy to read, more buyers may be inspired by the life your product could give them.

Then, make it easy for them to “Add to Cart” with the button right below.

What Most Brands Do Wrong

Most luxury brands favor images or a simple design over copy.

Why? Because their focus is mainly on imagery and branding.

However, when you hide sales copy in the design, your buyer has no journey to follow, and nothing convincing them to move forward beyond basic imagery.

This is a missed opportunity.

Don’t remove sales copy to achieve a specific design.

Always TEST to see the impact of copy.

Steps to Try Today

Are your sales descriptions hidden on the product page? Consider extracting them. Then, test placing this key copy above the Add to Cart button for maximum impact.

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