A simple title on the collection page boosted conversions 14%

In a recent test, we swapped heavy copy and imagery for a simple title on the header of a collection page. Conversions boosted by 14%.

Our goal on the collections page? Get visitors to the products QUICKLY.

This brand had a collection description taking up space in the header. We wanted to test and determine if it was actually adding value…

…OR if it was slowing down and distracting visitors ready to make a purchase.

A simple title on the collection page boosted conversions 14%

We tested two approaches over several weeks:

  • #1: Keep ALL the intro text, but remove the image.


  • #2: Keep the image and remove the text, leaving only the collection title.

The latter version (#2) beat out all others.

Here’s Why it Worked

The removal of the description worked because a short, minimal title in the header brings products into view faster.

This brand specializes in food for the outdoor industry, with each collection tailored to a specific outdoor activity.

Once visitors reach the collection page for a specific adventure, they are already product aware.

So, we put focus on just that: the products.

When we removed the long text description at the top of the page, products moved higher UP and into view…

…leading to faster purchases.

What Most Brands Do Wrong

Most brands overpower their introductory sections with text and images, and neglect to test their impact. When your header section is text-heavy or distracting, it slows down your visitors – especially on mobile.

Show your BEST products and keep headers simple to inspire your visitors to scroll.

Try it out:

Are your collection pages overpowered by text or images? Are your buyer’s product aware by the time they arrive? Test simplifying to place all focus on the products. Review and repeat.

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