Apparel brand’s social proof at the end of collections lifts conversions by 7%.

Identify your site’s exit points and give customers a reason to stick around.

For an apparel brand, we added testimonials at the end of the collections page to encourage visitors to explore the catalog further.

This lifted conversions by 7%.

Apparel brand’s social proof at end of collections lifts conversions

Use social proof to keep them from leaving AND validate that other happy customers exist.

Here’s Why it Worked

Your best testimonials have the power to keep people on site.

Especially at a typical dead end: the end of a collections page.

Here’s why:

  1. Real reviews give customers an incentive to explore more
  2. Testimonials validate your product offering and increase desire

And if you have a ton of products, reviews can be especially helpful.

What Most Brands Do Wrong

Most brands forget:

The end of the collection page is prime real estate.

Your customer likely hasn’t found what they’re looking for yet.

Encourage them to keep browsing with social proof that leads them right back to the high-value products above.

Redirecting them to great customer insights inspires them to take another look.

Steps to Try Today

Do you have “dead ends” on your site?

Give your customer a reason to browse with convincing social proof.

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