Jewelry brand’s social proof banner adds $500k in new revenue

We displayed a jewelry brand’s best social proof in a banner above the navigation.

It increased conversions 5% sitewide, adding half a million in new revenue.

Leverage social proof as early as possible to lower barriers to purchase.

It builds immediate trust. And it validates your product offering.

Here’s Why it Worked

Adding a social proof banner sitewide:

  1. Ensures it’s seen by the maximum number of customers.
  2. Reinforces your product’s value and desirability.

Social proof increases the desire for your product.

When impactful evidence (40k 5-star reviews) is the first thing they see on every page, it helps encourage further scrolling, making a purchase more likely.

What Most Brands Do Wrong

Most brands bury their best social proof below the fold on ONE key page.

Don’t be afraid to use it early on each page to reinforce your product’s value.

Let it be the first thing they see to grab their attention, reduce risk, and validate your product offering.

Steps to Implement Today

Do you have excellent social proof? Leverage it. Try adding social proof in a banner on ALL pages for ultimate impact.

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