12% ATC boost with key selling points higher up on product page

We moved the key selling description up above the ATC button (instead of lower on the product page) for a Home Goods brand.

This improved Add to Cart rate by 12% and Revenue Per User by 9.5%.

Don’t make your customer scroll to learn about your product, even if it means moving your ATC button further down the page.

Here’s Why it Worked

Getting eyes immediately on the description matters if it includes your product’s most important benefits.

Before, the main selling points were described below the page fold.

When we moved the copy higher, it increased impressions, views, and clicks on the Add to Cart button.

Place important selling points where you can see them right away.

What Most Brands Do Wrong

Many brands believe the ATC button must be positioned as high on the page as possible.

So they avoid adding content that moves this button further down the page.

BUT – don’t be afraid to put important descriptions above the ATC button.

The position of the ATC is not as important as selling your customer first.

Steps to Try Today

Where are your key selling benefits? If they’re below the fold on your product page, move ‘em up!

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