22% conversion lift with serving size added to collections page

Answer questions EARLY in the customer journey to validate your product’s value.

We added a CPG brand’s product serving sizes on the collections page.

This simple addition increased conversions by 22%.

conversion lift with serving size added to collections page

Here’s Why it Worked

First, you must sell your buyer emotionally. This nurturing starts on the homepage.

The collections page is where their logical product questions will surface.

For a larger bulk product, adding serving size information on the collections page answers specific questions that help the customer determine if it’s right for them:

  1. What am I getting for the price?
  2. Which product suits my needs best?

The product’s value is visible at first glance, encouraging clicks to the product page.

Listing these serving sizes side-by-side allows the customer to find what works for them quickly.

What Most Brands Do Wrong

Most brands use nothing but the product page to answer questions.

Don’t be afraid to include KEY answers to their questions before the product page.
Especially if it speaks to the value of a higher price point.

Steps to Try Today

Do you have a CPG product? Consider adding key details like serving size to your collections page to encourage quick decisions and clicks.

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