Tagged social content on homepage lifts conversions 3.2%

Add Instagram content early on the homepage to help buyers visualize themselves with your product.

We moved Instagram content higher on the homepage for an outdoor brand. Each image was clickable and led directly to the product pages, resulting in quicker purchases and an increase in conversions.

Tagged social content on homepage lifts conversions

Here’s Why it Worked

Customers need to visualize themselves living a better version of their life with your product.

Your homepage is where this story begins.

When potential buyers arrive, they’ll wonder:

  • Is this product for me?
  • How and where would I use it?
  • How would my life improve?
  • What can I do with it?

Remember: customers buy what your product helps them become. Instagram images emotionally inspire, bring the brand to life, and show the product in its intended use.

And for an outdoor brand, this is a crucial way to hook the visitor.

Linking the images back to the product helps reduce friction and gets your buyer to the right product faster.

What Most Brands Do Wrong

Most brands add a generic Instagram feed right before the footer on the homepage, and never test moving it higher up to establish an emotional connection.

Or, they don’t make sure every image is updated and “tagged” to be clickable directly to the product.

Encourage an early emotional connection to increase impulse buying.

Steps to Try Today

Do you have an Instagram full of lifestyle images? Use them! Test adding these images with links to products high on the homepage.

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