Craft stories, not statements: emotional copy increases conversions by 3.8%

For luxury brands, put sentimental copy above factual statements to appeal to emotions early.

We changed the copy in the intro section of a jewelry brand’s homepage from a fact-based statement to one that appeals to emotion.

Old: “Each piece is crafted from quality materials in-house and packaged by talented women.”

New: “Tell your story: Every woman has a uniquely beautiful story to tell and each piece embodies what’s meaningful to you.”

See the difference?

The second version lifted conversions on both mobile and desktop by 3.8%.

emotional copy increases conversions

Here’s Why it Worked

Your customers don’t buy your product. They buy how it makes them feel.

Facts may relate to logical shoppers, but they don’t inspire an emotional purchase.

Appealing to their emotions early with inspirational copy is huge for the right audience and product.

Jewelry is a personal fashion statement that reflects how buyers present themselves to the world. If they resonate with how your brand makes them feel, chances are good they’ll love your product.

Strong sales copy on the homepage answers the question, “Why should I stick around?” and could lead to impulse purchases.

Save facts about materials for the product page.

What Most Brands Do Wrong

Most brands don’t know how to introduce themselves to new customers on the homepage, so they add product facts too early.

Or: they don’t test different copy variations to see what resonates with their audience.

Both are missed opportunities.

Inspire clicks to the product page using emotion-driven language.

Then, use facts to reinforce what makes your brand great.

Steps to Try Today

Is the brand introduction on your homepage lacking emotion? Switch it up with story.

Then, test it!

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