How price-per-serving lifted conversions by 17.8% for this CPG outdoor brand

For CPG brands, add ‘price-per-serving’ to clarify value and remove friction.

For a food brand, we placed “$5.11/serving” to the left of review stars to make the product’s value impossible to miss. This lifted conversions by 17.8%.

How price-per-serving lifted conversions by 17.8%

(Image shows “$5.11/serving” to the left of review stars in a subtle, design-friendly way.)

It’s subtle, design-friendly, unobstructive, and shows immediate value.

Here’s Why it Worked

Buyers often hesitate when faced with products with multiple servings because it takes effort to calculate value.

Customers don’t want to do math on your product page!

They want to make sure it’s not a bad deal. So tell them exactly what they can expect.

We removed this barrier by clearly stating savings per serving and addressing their logical price concerns at a crucial moment – right in the buy box.

What Most Brands Do Wrong

Many brands overlook the simplicity customers crave when assessing value, and don’t bother to share these specific numbers on site.

Big mistake.

Don’t miss an opportunity to affirm your product’s value.

Especially if it’s cheaper than single-item purchases, puts you ahead of competitor prices, and saves them money.

Steps to Try Today

Do you have a CPG product with multiple servings? Consider adding price-per-serving to your buy box to show value and encourage impulse buying.

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