We rejected “best practices” & saw a 27.1% boost in conversions

In a recent test, we found when we used percentage savings (vs. dollar savings) on our client’s subscription product page, we saw a 27.1% conversion boost.

boost in conversions

Why it Worked

Typically, if your product is priced over $100, you’re better off showing a flat $$ savings instead of a %. This is the standard “best practice” in the eCommerce world.

BUT, in this instance, showing the percentage-off savings for our client’s subscription bundle resulted in a wildly improved conversion rate – an uplift of 27%!

The more you can simplify their savings, the more likely those savings are to guide them toward a purchase. This is true across the board.

Sometimes, switching up how you communicate these savings can work WELL with your audience. Like, really well.

This is why testing matters.

What Most Brands Do Wrong

Sure, it’s important to keep best practices in mind when it comes to your store sales. But, we’re all about going against the grain…

…as long as we TEST.

Try it out:

Our suggestion? Next time you have a killer offer, try percentage savings vs. dollar savings. Test it out and see how your conversions shift.

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