62x Profit ROI in first 90 Days with A/B Testing


CPG, Food, Outdoors


Increase Site Revenues


CRO A/B Testing, Design & Development

Dream Outcome

Within the first 90 days, Blue Stout delivered over $300k in monthly incremental revenue.

Through the implementation of 11 winning A/B tests, we have achieved over a 62x Profit ROI for this CPG food brand.

All implemented by Blue Stout’s Design and Development team with ZERO resources needed from Mountain House.

Key Stats:


Profit ROI


Monthly Revenue Impact


A/B Test Success Rate

How We Did It

Mountain House is a CPG food brand that is famous for their freeze dried adventure and camping foods. With roots dating back to the Korean War, the brand has recently expanded into new categories.

Since their launch on Shopify Plus 3 years ago, little optimization has been performed.

And the Mountain House team knew a lot of opportunities existed to convert more of their traffic and audience.

Blue Stout started with our custom site audit to better understand how customers were navigating the site. We quickly identified over 30 long opportunities to improve both site conversion rates and site revenue.

Blue Stout outlined a 12+ month optimization roadmap and launched the first 90 day CRO A/B testing sprint to focus on the lowest hanging fruit opportunities.

Immediate Impact (With Long Term Results)

Within the first 3 months, we launched 12 A/B tests with 11 providing meaning uplift in revenue and conversions. 

The result was an over $300+ monthly revenue impact with an over $1.8 million revenue impact over the next 6 months. This resulted in an over 62x profit ROI, all within the first 3 months.

What was needed by the client?

All Mountain House needed to deliver was access to their analytics and Shopify admin.

Blue Stout constructed a custom team of CRO Analysts, Project Managers, Designs and Developers to handle every aspect of testing, design, development and Quality Control.

ZERO resources were needed from the Mountain House team.

What comes next?

Next on roadmap includes:

  • Further monthly A/B testing
  • Upsell and Cross Sell Optimizations
  • Site Speed Optimization
  • Heatmap Analysis
  • Recurring Order Optimizations to Increase CLTV

Performance Results (Summary)

  • 124x Revenue ROI
  • 62x Profit ROI
  • $300k+ Monthly Incremental Revenue
  • 92% A/B Test Success Rate