How one A/B Test Added $400k in Revenue


CPG, Food, Outdoors


Increase Site Revenues


CRO A/B Testing, Design & Development

Dream Outcome

One simple change to the homepage increased conversion rates by 18%, resulting in over $400,000 in incremental revenue.

Silver bullets don’t exist. In the case of this CPG food brand, we ran 12 A/B tests over 3 months. 11 of these tests produced increases in revenue.

But, one particular test focused on the homepage produced an outsized return.

Key Stats:


Incremental Revenue


Increase in Homepage Conversion Rate

How We Did It

Mountain House is a CPG food brand famous for their freeze dried adventure and camping foods. 

However, new customers unfamiliar with the brand struggled to understand how Mountain House was different.

Blue Stout proposed a homepage design change that better emphasized the unique selling propositions of the brand. 

And to place these selling points high on the page, visible to every new site visitor.

The result was a decrease in Homepage bounce rate and increased time on site. 

By explaining to customers the key selling propositions, conversions from homepage traffic increased by almost 18% resulting in an increase of almost $400k over the following 6 months.

All from one single homepage design update.

Performance Results (Summary)

  • 1 Homepage Optimization
  • $396k in Incremental Revenue (over 6 mths)
  • 17.8% increase in Homepage Conversion Rate