Increased revenue 18% while reducing paid traffic and advertising


CPG, Food, Outdoors


Increase Site Revenues


CRO A/B Testing, Design & Development

Dream Outcome

In the last 3 months, we’ve helped the CPG food brand, Mountain House, decrease paid traffic by 22% while increasing revenue by 18%.

Most brands think the only way to scale revenue is with additional advertising and traffic.

But, most don’t realize how many visitors slip through the cracks before buying.

By optimizing key conversion points, we increased the AVERAGE revenue per user by 52%.

This allowed Mountain House to reap more revenue and profit, with less traffic and advertising.

Key Stats:


Revenue Increase


ARPU Increase


Conversion Rate Increase

How We Did It

Mountain House is a CPG food brand famous for their freeze dried adventure and camping foods. 

However, along with the rest  of the ecommerce market in 2023, paid customer acquisition has been a struggle. 

Mountain House turned to Blue Stout to help increase site revenue by optimizing for conversions, and also increase AOV from each site visitor.

Through the first five months of the Blue Stout Conversion Rate Optimization program, we ran 16 A/B tests, with 13 generating a lift in performance.

We also implemented several quick optimizations to improve site usability across both desktop and mobile.

In the last 3 months, we’ve seen the results of those optimizations start to compound into full site gains.

As planned, the site has enjoyed significant increases in average order value and conversion rate, culminating in a 52% increase in revenue per user. 

This allowed the Mountain House team to decrease site traffic by 22%, while still seeing an 18% increase in full store revenue.

Performance Results (Summary)

  • 18% Revenue Increase
  • 52% ARPU Increase
  • 26% Conversion Rate Increase
  • 81% Test Success Rate
  • 22% AOV Increase
  • 22% Reduction in Paid Traffic