CPG brand sees 8% conversion lift with products moved higher on the homepage

Pull your products higher on the homepage above initiatives like charity campaigns.

We moved a charity brand campaign lower on the homepage and product info higher.

It increased conversions by 8% for our CPG brand.

Your visitors are there for your product, not your charity campaigns.

conversion lift with products moved higher on the homepage

Here’s Why it Worked

Your homepage is the introduction to your products, and charity campaigns make customers feel good about buying.

But it’s not WHY they buy.

Moving products higher up ensures they get seen by more people.

What Most Brands Do Wrong

Most brands forget the product is what drives the sale, not initiatives like giving back campaigns.

Put the focus on your product & its benefits FIRST.

Otherwise, products are pushed down the page, where more people could miss them.

Only after introducing products should you give them reasons to buy.

Especially if it speaks to the value of your brand over the competition.

Steps to Try Today

Do you have a charity campaign section too high on your homepage?

Consider moving products up so they’re seen by more buyers.

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