Health brand uses product pairings as an upsell for a 40% lift in CVR.

For health brands, use product pairings as an upsell on the product page.

We recently tested two new upsell strategies on a CPG health brand’s product pages.

Old – “You May Also Like”

#2 – “Frequently Bought Together”

#3 – “Similar Products”

The result?

The second “Frequently Bought Together” option led to a 39.1% increase in conversion rate and a 49% rise in Revenue Per User (RPU).

Health brand uses product pairings as upsell for a 40% lift in CVR

Here’s Why it Worked

For health-minded customers, enhancing their daily wellness routine is compelling.

The “Frequently Bought Together” upsell section tapped into this mindset by suggesting a curated “health stack” of products that work well when used together.

The benefits of the products are enriched, appealing to both emotional and logical customers.

Instead of a random suggestion, it’s a strategic move that elevates their overall experience.

What Most Brands Do Wrong

Many brands rely on generic product recommendations as an upsell without considering the purchasing behavior of their audience.

For a wellness brand that sells tea for specific health benefits, the experience is often about combining different ones for optimal results – a nuance that the “You May Also Like” section fails to capture.

Catering to the specific needs and common behaviors of your audience is key.

As always, test!

Steps to Try Today

Do you have a health and wellness brand with complementary products?

Highlight the ways they work together for the best benefits.

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