Shoppable social gallery on homepage leads to 3.7% lift in RPU for jewelry brand.

For fashion brands, add a curated Instagram feed to the homepage for easy shopping and styling inspiration.

Many consumers are opting to purchase via social media instead of conventional online shopping platforms.

For one of our fashion brands, we included a grid of curated social images that link straight to the products featured in them on the homepage footer.

This addition resulted in a 3.7% uplift in revenue per user.

Shoppable social gallery on homepage leads to 3.7% lift in RPU for jewelry brand.

Draw attention to your entire catalog while offering style inspiration and a fast way to purchase.

Here’s Why it Worked

The most exciting part of shopping is envisioning an improved lifestyle with a brand’s product.

This visualization begins on the homepage.

A shoppable image gallery does three things:

  1. Allows viewers somewhere interactive to go next.
  2. Increases desire for the product by demonstrating ways to style.
  3. Makes it easy to shop directly from the images.

For the right audience, it’s a convenient and fun way to interact with the brand.

Linking the images back to the product reduces friction and gets your buyer there faster.

In addition, this brand’s grid is a mix of user-generated images and curated brand content to offer social validation. Right before this section, they introduce their six collections and include a brand-intro story to take the visitor on a journey.

With no distracting header, the gallery looks sleek and inviting – just like an Instagram feed. By the time they get to the footer, they are ready to shop.

What Most Brands Do Wrong

Some brands have a generic social feed on-site in a location that hasn’t been tested, or they don’t tag each image with a product.

Encourage a quick, informed purchase with a shoppable social gallery in a valuable spot.

Try adding it in the footer of your homepage so your audience isn’t left at a “dead-end” with nowhere to go.

Then, if it works, test moving it higher up the page.

Steps to Try Today

Do you have an Instagram gallery full of great images for your large catalog of products? Use them!

Add to your homepage footer and remember to link your products for an easy shopping experience.

Then, test!

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