How Outside Magazine inspired a 30% boost in conversions 💥

by Blue Stout
May 19, 2022

Want to know the single most important part of having a great product?

Telling a compelling story with authority – early.


Because early attention leads to a boost in conversions (and social proof locks in leads).

Timing and sequence of information matter in the customer journey.

….like, a lot.

In a recent test, our team redesigned a homepage to remove the 30-Day Guarantee messaging, and replace it with a logo from an industry-leading publication – Outside Magazine.

This simple shift resulted in a 30% increase in conversion rates for all customers landing on the homepage.

The major publication validates strong claims of a brand new industry-first technology for this high-priced outerwear and allows the customer to justify their desire…

…and move right on down the purchase funnel.

So, plug your proof! And remember, the 30-Day Guarantee is essential for reducing customers’ perceived risk before purchase, but it’s better presented later in the purchase journey.



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