Reviews elevate your customer’s confidence. Here’s how to use them.

by Blue Stout
June 8, 2022

We’re seeing stars ⭐️ ✨

…the kind that boost conversions by 15% or more in recent tests, that is.

And these reviews are not located where you think.

Time to elevate consumer confidence in your collections page (and add instant sales) with this hack.

We all want products that are well-adored with a story all their own, and knowing a product’s rating earlier in the customer journey adds credibility and validation, especially for the high-price item.

The takeaway?

Utilize your collections page space!

Add review stars next to the product name and above a descriptive line of bite-sized copy front and center on your collections page.

Instead of showcasing the review stars inside the product descriptions on the PDP page… placing them on the collections page boosted conversions by 15% for a recent client in the sustainability space.

More proof, more clicks.

Create stories where there are none…

…and your customer will be more likely to want in on the product & the community by purchasing.


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