Low on stock? Use it to boost conversions by 26%

Want to create demand, increase desire, & boost conversions this month?

Let’s get to it.

Here’s the thing: story sells, and we all want what’s in high demand and improves our quality of life.

Any brand with a great product has likely experienced inventory shortages and supplier delays. They’re extremely common and often overlooked.

While we don’t recommend using “fake urgency” to increase conversions…

… use what is true to your advantage.

For our recent high-end apparel client, we added messaging to the homepage that told customers:

“Limited run! Get yours before they sell out (again).”

This simple phrase led to a 14% increase in conversions and 26% improvement on mobile.

Seems easy, right? Here’s why it worked:

  1. The brand sells high-end apparel. With a higher cost, positioning and nurturing early is key.
  2. It allowed them to intrigue customers with their values for sustainability & quality, thus increasing desire.
  3. Limiting the number of inventory available encourages a quick purchase decision.

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