Quick homepage hack to increase conversions 11%

Are you using your bestseller to your advantage?

….probably not.

For a recent client, this simple one-click trick increased conversion rates by 11% for a new product.

Here’s how we did it ⬇

Picture this: your customer lands on your homepage. The second their eyes reach the banner, they’re curious to learn more and ready to click.

They expect to be directed to the product collections page, allowing them to browse, choose, and purchase.


Not in this case.

In a recent test, we linked directly to the product page of the best-seller for a high-end electronics brand (instead of the full collection page).

This tiny shift resulted in an 11% increase in conversions for that product from the homepage directly.

Cool, huh? Here’s why:

  1. Less choice, more action. Presenting too many options builds tension and may cause an abandoning of the purchase entirely (a major bummer).
  2. Directing customers to the bestseller, and bypassing other options, alleviates this risk and tension.

The simplest UX shifts can make the biggest difference.

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